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9 Facts About the IRS and Taxes
The Internal Revenue Service is well-known by all Americans. Even so, there are a few facts that may surprise you about this long-standing agency!<br /> <div>&nbsp;</div>
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8 Fast Facts about FEPLI
Straight to the facts: this is what Feds need to know about Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI).
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Two people shaking hands over a table while colleagues applaud: Unions and FEPLI
Unions and FEPLI: Federal Employee Protections
There are a lot of myths out there about both federal employee labor unions and Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI). Here, we'll shed some light on the facts about what they are, how they're different (and similar) and why both are important.
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Thin Blue Line flag; American flag in black and white with single blue stripe. Article: Jean Kanokogi, Creating Positive Impact
Protect and Serve: Jean Kanokogi, Creating Positive Impact
Celebrating Women in Federal Law Enforcement: Dr. Jean Kanokogi, Ph.D., Special Agent. Dr. Kanokogi stands out from the crowd as a criminal investigator, mental health advocate, fifth-degree Judo black belt, writer &ndash; and more. Her story of resilience and positive impact is striking.
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4 hands helping to pull a rope together. Article: Building a better community with Caroline O'Brien-Buster
Building a Better Community: Caroline O'Brien-Buster
Celebrating Women in Federal Law Enforcement: Special Agent in Charge Caroline O&rsquo;Brien-Buster is a passionate, dedicated leader in both the Secret Service and her local Florida community. Embodying strong values and selfless kindness, she is proof that women can do anything &ndash; and she makes a point to remind other women of their potential as well.
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Police car lights in the dark, LEOSA for federal law enforcement officers explained
LEOSA for Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Explained
LEOSA and Federal Law Enforcement Officers: A summary of what LEOSA is, the benefits and risks, and important points to consider as a qualified LEO.
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Customs and Border Protection vehicles driving near border of Southern United States in evening.
Customs and Border Protection: The Sentinel at the Gates
The first comprehensive border security agency in the nation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is now one of the world's largest law enforcement agencies.
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U.S. Military veteran sits on table in VA hospital while a VA doctor looks at notes on a tablet.
Veteran's Health Administration - Caring for the Health of Our Heroes
Caring for over 9 million veterans, the Veterans Health Administration workforce carries out a hefty set of responsibilities to our nations' heroes.
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