FEPLI • 10 July 2019
The History of Professional Liability Insurance for Federal Employees

The Historical Importance

Professional Liability Insurance is widely known to be a crucial coverage for Federal Employees. It protects and defends federal employees against allegations of misconduct while on the job. Even when the Department of Justice declines to provide representation to federal employees, Professional Liability Insurance covers these cases.

No Choice for Feds

Over 50 years ago, however, no such coverage existed. Feds were left with the risk of damaging their career, reputation, and finances. In the past, Federal Employees experienced similar allegations as current Feds — EEO complaints, misuse of government funds or equipment, and even common baseless claims like lack of candor or conduct unbecoming. Many of them faced steep legal fees; others were burdened with millions in civil court judgments. Some even were forced to leave their cherished career of protecting and serving their community and nation.

The Invention of FEPLI

In 1965, Frank Wright, a former federal employee, started an endeavor to protect his fellow feds. Knowing the liability risk that came with working for the federal government, Wright invented Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance, also known as FEPLI. Under his new agency, now called Starr Wright USA, Frank sought to protect federal employees. Government employees with FEPLI could now feel secure performing the everyday duties of their job.

Congress’ FEPLI Reimbursement Law

In 1995, a new law emerged from Congress, one that recognized the importance of FEPLI and the hardships Feds faced when exposed to liability risks. The law required agencies to reimburse qualified employees a portion of their FEPLI annual premium (section 642 of public law 106–58). For law enforcement, managers, and other groups, protecting their career became more affordable and widely spread than ever marking a new era for Federal Employees and FEPLI.


Over 50 years later, Starr Wright USA continues the vital mission to protect Federal Employees. Led by a team of U.S. Veterans and former Law Enforcement, Starr Wright US insures over 30,000 Federal Employees with Professional Liability Insurance. Added benefits and options like LEOSA, security clearance, and up to $2M in liability coverage protect Feds like never before. With recent administrative events, the career risk and challenges for Federal Employees have risen to new heights, but Professional Liability Insurance continues to help keep Federal Careers secure.

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Article authored by and containing the opinions of Starr Wright USA; this article is offered solely for informational purposes.

Starr Wright USA is a marketing name for Starr Wright Insurance Agency, Inc. and its affiliate(s). Starr Wright USA is an insurance agency specializing in insurance solutions for federal employees and federal contractors. For more information, visit WrightUSA.com. Starr Wright USA is a division of Starr Insurance Companies, which is a marketing name for the operating insurance and travel assistance companies and subsidiaries of Starr International Company, Inc. and for the investment business of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc.


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