FEPLI • 11 May 2020
Union Membership Helps Feds as a Group - FEPLI is There for the Individual

According to the AFL-CIO, “Joining together in unions enables workers to negotiate for higher wages and benefits and improve conditions in the workplace. There are millions of union members in America from all walks of life. These individuals know that by speaking up together, you can accomplish more than you could on your own.”

Unions primarily focus their attention on issues that affect their membership as a group. They concentrate their efforts on negotiating for higher wages and benefits, and improving conditions in the workplace by collectively bargaining for better workplace standards for the entirety of their membership.

Unions also strive to protect workers from discrimination, hostile work environments, and unfair employment practices. But with limited budgets and resources, and thousands of members, unions are not as able to help individuals on a case-by-case basis, especially if they need legal support. Generally, if any legal support is provided by a union, it is to ensure that rules and procedures are being followed by the agency during proceedings, and not actual legal defense or representation of your case.

When it comes to your rights, you need the individual insurance coverage that comes with Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI). When you are facing negative allegations or adverse actions, your FEPLI coverage can gain you assistance in obtaining legal services.

If you have been fired, demoted, or otherwise disciplined by your agency, your agency is not likely to defend you, even if you feel your treatment was unfair. So how do you defend yourself? The maze of federal regulations and deadlines makes it difficult to handle on your own.

Starr Wright USA pioneered Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI) — to help fill in the gaps and assist in the defense of the individual rights of federal employees. It complements the assistance provided by unions. Many unions and professional organizations endorse professional liability insurance programs like the coverage provided by Starr Wright USA because they recognize the need for it.

FEPLI insurance protection from Starr Wright USA extends beyond what unions address for individual members. Any federal employee can be accused of misconduct on the job. If your agency chooses not to defend you (or is the one bringing the claim against you), your professional liability insurance policy may very well provide invaluable coverage.

“Think of professional liability insurance as personal risk management. Just as you get life insurance for your family’s future or homeowners’ insurance to cover costly damage to your house, professional liability insurance may help you protect your finances,” says Darrell Weber, Starr Wright USA Vice President.

FEPLI is affordable, and qualified employees can receive up to 50% reimbursement from their agencies for coverage.

Defending your rights and your professional reputation can be a costly process that requires expert legal support. Even when it is determined you are in the right, it is expensive to defend yourself. Starr Wright USA can assist you in finding an experienced attorney who can guide you through the legal process from beginning to end. That’s why more and more employees are getting FEPLI to provide insurance protection for their finances, their careers, and their futures.



Article authored by and containing the opinions of Starr Wright USA. This article is offered solely for informational purposes. Starr Wright USA is a marketing name for Starr Wright Insurance Agency, Inc. and its affiliate(s). Starr Wright USA is an insurance agency specializing in insurance solutions for federal employees and federal contractors. For more information, visit WrightUSA.com. Starr Wright USA is a division of Starr Insurance Companies, which is a marketing name for the operating insurance and travel assistance companies and subsidiaries of Starr International Company, Inc. and for the investment business of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc.


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