Contractors and Consultants Liability Insurance
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Liability Insurance for Federal and Private Contractors and Consultants

Contractor and Consultant Insurance helps protect your business. Whether you need to protect your business from property damage, reduce the financial risk of contracts gone array, or prevent casualties from becoming unaffordable lawsuits, Starr Wright USA offers insurance solutions to safeguard your professional and personal assets.

Starr Wright USA offers three products to cover your insurance requirements: Professional Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and Business Owners Policy.

 Professional Liability

 Protects against claims of
negligence or misrepresentation
 Coverage limits up to $5M 
 Revenue limit up to $5M
 As low as $0 deductible 
 Coverage includes defense costs and works completed by employees 

 General Liability

 Protects against claims of medical
injury and property damage
 Coverage limits up to $5M 
 Revenue limit up to $5M
 As low as $0 deductible 
 Coverage includes the actions
of employees and temporary staff 

Business Owners Policy

Includes property insurance while
protecting against general liability claims.

Coverage limits up to $4M 
Revenue limit up to $3M
As low as $500 deductible 
Coverage combines general liability
coverage for business assets

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Professional Liability Insurance for Federal and Private Contractors

Professional Liability Insurance, also referred to as errors and omissions insurance, ensures your business is covered should you be sued for negligently performing the services you offer — whether that be providing a professional service, giving advice to clients or you are requested by a client to have Professional Liability Insurance to carry out a contract.

For businesses that provide professional and personal services, Professional Liability Insurance is necessary to address potential claims that may arise. There are several claims Professional Liability Insurance will cover under your policy. Examples of those claims include:

  • Actual or alleged negligence
  • Personal injury
  • Copyright violation
  • Allegations stemming from service previously performed
  • Damages


General Liability Insurance for Contractors and Consultants

Bodily injury, property damage, and data loss are all covered under your General Liability Insurance policy, protecting your business from another business’s or individual’s claims. If your company or your employees interact with clients face-to-face, have access to clients’ equipment, represent a client’s business in any way, or utilize third-party locations for business activities, General Liability Insurance is an essential asset for protection against potential claims.

Business Owners Policy Insurance for Contractors and Consultants

Many business owners make a mistake by electing not to purchase Business Owners Policy Insurance. They believe their losses are covered along with any potential losses of their customers with General Liability Insurance alone. However, this policy does not protect you when it comes to your property. If you need General Liability Insurance coverage, have business equipment, own the building where you work, or operate with vast amounts of data, a Business Owners Policy is an essential item to acquire.

Since 1965, Starr Wright USA has specialized in serving current and former federal employees. Our unparalleled expertise continues to protect federal contractors while also offering insurance to a variety of other industries.

See the Industry Information section below to learn more about your specific industry.

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Industry Information, and Sample Claims

Federal Contractors

The role of a federal contractor can range from providing background investigation, software engineering, security, transportation and more. Professional Liability Insurance is not only a requirement for federal contractors; it is a necessity to protect your career and finances from allegations of wrongdoing while on the job. Starr Wright USA’s Professional Liability Insurance covers the cost of expensive liabilities. Our network of former Assistant U.S. Attorneys and federal employees with proper clearance will provide defense at no extra cost.

The variety of federal contractor sectors also leads to various responsibilities, which can increase the necessity of a Business Owners Policy. This type of insurance offers benefits from a blend of General Liability and Property Insurance. At Starr Wright USA, we understand your particular needs regarding both general liability and property coverage, which is why we work with you to develop a Business Owners Policy that fits your needs. Apply Now

Business Consulting
The importance of liability insurance is evident in the day-to-day responsibilities of business consultants. By providing recommended solutions for alleviating company weaknesses, your team of financial, marketing, human resources and management consultants can become a target for claims of negligence, from discrimination to defamation. Starr Wright USA’s tailored Professional Liability, General Liability, and Business Owners Policy — a blend of professional and General Liability and Property Insurance — will ensure you’re covered. Apply Now
Creative and Design Services
In the creative and design world, which consists of advertising professionals, graphic designers, copywriters, professional photographers, interior decorators, and several other roles, Professional Liability Insurance is a smart investment. As many real-world examples in the private sector demonstrate, creative endeavors can lead to polarizing reactions from viewers, which is why Professional Liability Insurance for creative and design professionals offers valuable protection. At Starr Wright USA, our Business Owners Policy protects both you and your assets, along with your customers should any claims arise alleging negligence or failure to perform the services requested. Apply Now
General Consulting
As a general consultant, your services may specialize in a specific area — such as property management — or focus on a broad range of related fields. However, your responsibilities highlight the benefit and security that professional liability products offer, as you collaborate with many different parties and deliver recommended solutions for substantial problems. Property Insurance covers any business furniture and equipment you own that is not covered under general liability. Consider the benefits of Starr Wright USA’s Business Owners Policy which combines property coverage with general liability — providing peace of mind for both you and your customers. Apply Now
Health, Beauty, and Fitness
A variety of careers are available in the health, beauty and fitness sector. In this expansive industry, you may occupy a role as a nutritionist, trainer or educator. As many of these positions are client-facing, it's vital to consider your potential liability, which is why many contractors in the industry invest in both Professional Liability and Business Owners Policy Insurance. This insurance provides the benefits of both liability and property coverage. Starr Wright USA has wide-ranging industry experience in developing policies tailored to your needs. We have developed relationships with leading companies to provide comprehensive benefits at affordable rates. Apply Now
Marketing and Public Relations
Like the creative and design sector, the marketing and public relations market also creates, develops and releases messages that reach a variety of audiences with different backgrounds and viewpoints. As a result, marketing and public relations firms invest in Professional Liability Insurance for their services, protecting their company's reputation and financial assets. Starr Wright USA has spent more than 50 years providing businesses the confidence they deserve when it comes to handling claims that arise. Our Business Owners Policy offers your marketing and public relations business with General Liability and Property Insurance. Learn more about the benefits of our personalized combined policy by contacting us today. Apply Now
Specialty Contractors
A specialty contractor encompasses a variety of potential roles. Whether you're a small-scale or large-scale specialty contractor, it's vital to protect your reputation, resources and assets. That is why professionals invest in Business Owners Policy Insurance. These plans provide the coverage and benefits of both General Liability and Property Insurance. To adequately secure your business, assets, and employees, consider adding Professional Liability Insurance which is specifically designed to meet your specialty contracting needs. Apply Now
As a sector, technology includes a variety of careers and focuses. Roles include programmer, systems administrator, web developer, network architect and more. Due to the increasing importance of technology and cybersecurity, the government continues to use contracted technology companies to achieve its goals for safety, efficiency, and security. In response, technology companies are investing in Professional Liability Insurance. These plans help protect your services while our Business Owners Policy coverage ensures your corporate and personal assets are protected. Apply Now
Architecture and Engineering
No matter if you’re a visionary architect or an engineer who creates the vision, there are risks associated with all aspects of the project at hand. Costly accidents, injuries and delays can result from miscommunications, mistakes and misinterpretations. A valuable asset for those in architecture and engineering is Professional Liability Insurance.  Customizable options that include Professional Liability and Business Owners Policies ensure your specific needs are met. Starr Wright USA will assist you in recommending a policy that fits your unique requirements at affordable rates. Apply Now
Financial Services
Financial services feature many roles, from public accounting to financial planning. As a result of your responsibilities, as well as potential influence on business and personal financial decisions, Professional Liability Insurance for your financial services company is an undeniable asset. From a fiscal standpoint, a Business Owners Policy – a combination of General Liability and Property Insurance – is also a sound investment due to its affordable and cost-effective monthly premiums. Starr Wright USA offers plans designed for consultants and contractors that includes up to $5,000,000 in coverage. Apply Now
Janitorial and Cleaning Services
In many instances, a government department will contract its janitorial and cleaning services. Several roles make up this sector, including cleaning staff, team leaders and coordinators. Like many other federal contracted roles, both General Liability and Property Insurance are assets to the company, which is why many businesses invest in janitorial and cleaning services Business Owners Policy Insurance. Additionally, professional liability is a great option to cover your professional services. For over 50 years, Starr Wright USA has been providing insurance programs for federal employees. Our Business Owners Policy provides you with protection assurance for any potential claims that arise from your services. Apply Now
Landscaping Services
Aside from managerial roles, landscaping services often include teams of landscapers, arborists and designers. Your business may provide routine care to government properties as well as design and build the landscape for a new area of land. In some instances, you may also provide consulting services to government departments involved in environmental conservation. As a result, professional liability coverage protects your service offerings while our Business Owners Policy Insurance provides crucial liability and property liability coverage benefits. At Starr Wright USA, we work with you to create a policy that is designed to meet your needs — providing comprehensive and affordable plans for over 50 years. Apply Now
Legal Services
A variety of careers are a part of legal services. Positions can include lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants, as well as conflict analysts and compliance specialists. No matter the length of your contracted services, your involvement in the legal arena provides plenty of evidence for the necessity of Professional Liability Insurance for legal services, whether you're providing those services to a government entity or private sector company. Starr Wright USA’s Business Owners Policy is specifically designed for your legal service needs, combining both General Liability and Property Insurance. This policy ensures not only your customers are protected, but you and your assets are as well. Apply Now
Real Estate Agents and Property Managers
As both roles entail substantial responsibilities, many professionals in the field invest in Professional Liability Insurance for real estate agents and property managers, which protects your company and your reputation from false claims. Another valuable policy to invest in for your industry is property liability insurance, which protects your losses. At Starr Wright USA, we provide Business Owners Policies tailored to meet your needs, which includes both General Liability Insurance and Property Liability Insurance at an affordable rate. Apply Now
Numerous roles exist in retail, including cashier, loss prevention, personal shopper, management and more. In many cases, retail businesses with a federal government contract will purchase liability and property coverage for their retail operations. In this field, General Liability Insurance can help protect your business against claims of bodily injury, property damage, data loss and even personal injury. Property Insurance protects your assets, such as business furniture and equipment. A Business Owners Policy from Starr Wright USA provides you with an enhanced option that combines General Liability with Property Insurance. For complete and comprehensive coverage, consider Professional Liability Insurance to cover your business against negligence claims. We have over 50 years of experience providing comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. We will work with you to design a plan unique to your business needs. Apply Now
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When might you need FEPLI?
Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society — a fact that holds true even for federal employees.

All federal supervisory personnel run the risk of being the subject of a complaint or EEOC claim. More importantly, these allegations must be defended—even if baseless or fraudulent. The consequences of losing such a case could be severe; an adverse finding could result in the loss of future promotional opportunities, demotion, or even discharge. That is why every federal employee should carry Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI) to help protect against such scenarios.

The following are examples of times when FEPLI would be critical.
Sample Claim 1
A federal manager faced allegations of creating a hostile work environment by a disgruntled employee. The allegations were reported to the Department of Homeland Security’s Headquarters Anti-Harassment Unit (AHU). The AHU represents a venue for subordinates to advance charges of discrimination and retaliation against managers and coworkers. A fact-finding investigation was to be conducted by the AHU and they notified the federal manager.

Once the federal manager received notice, she filed a claim with Starr Wright USA. Starr Wright USA’s legal counsel reviewed the facts to develop a defense plan, prepared the federal manager for the interview process, and provided ongoing counseling.

Final Result: No Actionable Misconduct found during the fact finding investigation – Case Closed.

Total estimated out-of-pocket cost without Wright’s professional liability coverage: $9,500
Sample Claim 2
A federal manager is provided notice that she is the subject of an investigation by the Office of Inspector General for allegations of misconduct. The federal manager was tasked with filling a vacant position at the agency from a pool of four internal candidates. After the interview process was completed and her recommendation was made, two of the candidates not chosen for the position file complaints against the federal manager. Both allege discrimination; one due to race, the other due to age.

The federal manager contacts Starr Wright USA for assistance and files a claim. Starr Wright USA assigns a legal team that was able to demonstrate the qualifications of the successful applicant and prove the selected candidate was best suited to fill the vacant position. The federal manager was able to show that all the required steps were taken during the hiring process and that the most qualified applicant was selected based on his previous work experience at the agency.

As a result of Starr Wright USA’s legal team's efforts and defense strategy, the discrimination charges were dismissed. The federal manager paid no money out of pocket for her defense, which was covered by the insurer.

Federal Employee Paid: $0 for defense

Insurer Paid: $20,000 to defend the federal manager against both claimants
Sample Claim 3
A federal supervisor is notified by her agency’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) that she is the subject of an Office of Special Counsel (OSC) investigation for a complaint filed by a subordinate alleging whistleblower reprisal. The subordinate claims he has been demoted to another position within the agency and that his responsibilities have been reduced because of his whistle-blowing activity. The federal supervisor is notified that an interview will be conducted by telephone and will require 2 to 3 hours. The federal supervisor is provided a document explaining his role in the OSC investigation, which states the agency official may be subject to a disciplinary action if the OSC finds a prohibited personnel practice was committed.

The OGC advised the federal supervisor that they cannot provide representation in this matter so she exercised her right to retain personal legal representation and reported the claim to Starr Wright USA. Starr Wright USA assigned legal counsel to prepare the federal supervisor for the OSC investigation. Starr Wright USA’s attorney also provided guidance on how to prepare her written sworn statement. At the conclusion of the investigation it was determined that the federal supervisor had not committed a prohibited personnel act. The reassignment was not considered a demotion since there was no change in pay grade and the position offered greater opportunity for career advancement.

Total cost: $10,000
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