Group Senior Term Life Insurance Plan Details
Plan Eligibility

Full-time, part-time, or retired federal employees under age 75 who reside in the United States may apply. The lawful (not legally separated) spouse under age 75 of an individual meeting the criteria directly above may also apply for coverage.

Available to Federal Employees (Full-Time, Part-Time or Retired) and their spouses at Affordable Group Rates

✔ Members between age 50 and 74 can apply for $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 of coverage

✔ Spouse between age 45 and 74 can apply for $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 of coverage

✔ Level coverage amount until age 75

✔ Insurance is underwritten by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, a member of the Voya® family of companies. Policy Form # LP00GP. Product availability may vary by state.

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Plan Highlights & Rates

  • Starr Wright USA’s Senior Group Term Plan provides coverage to help with financial burdens and security beyond your government-provided coverage.
  • The plan helps ensure funding for resolution of final debts, and collateral for bank loans.
  • Benefits are payable regardless of any other insurance carried.
  • Current/retired federal employees and or their spouses can take their coverage with them if they leave their current job(s) or move.
  • Total combined coverage for each insured person under the Starr Wright USA Group Term Life Insurance Plan is $1,000,000.

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Think you might need a different plan term?

Starr Wright USA offers several group term life insurance plans. Click the learn more button below for more details.

10yr Life Insurance Icon
10-Year Level Term
This plan provides retired, part-time and full-time federal employees under the age of 65 with benefit amounts of $100,000 to $1 million in $25,000 increments. As rates depend on your age, gender and health, our life insurance calculator can provide you with an estimate for your premiums.
10yr Life Insurance Icon
20-Year Level Term
The requirements and benefit amounts of the 10-Year Level Term plan apply to the 20-Year Level Term plan — except the 20-Year Level plan applies to federal employees under the age of 55.

Questions about our Senior Life Insurance Plan?

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, or you can call us at 1.800.424.9801 for more information.
Plan Features
  • Accelerated Life Benefit (ALB)  Helps terminally ill insureds during a difficult and often financially challenging time. The ALB provides the option to have a portion (up to 75%) of your life insurance benefit paid to you while still alive. This money can be used to help cover prescription drug costs, medical bills, outstanding debts, experimental treatments, the cost of modifications to your home, or anything else you choose. To qualify, an individual must be diagnosed as having a life expectancy of 12 months or less and request the benefit in writing prior to age 75. Complete details are in the Certificate of Insurance. Receipt of the accelerated benefit may be taxable, or may adversely affect your eligibility for Medicaid or other government benefits. You should consult your personal tax advisor to assess the impact of this benefit.
  • Conversion Privilege  You may convert your coverage to an individual whole life policy offered by ReliaStar Life, regardless of physical condition or medical history, under the conditions stated in your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Beneficiary  You can name anyone you wish as your beneficiary(ies). That person will receive all the proceeds of your coverage in the event of your death. It could be a family member or a close friend. You can change your beneficiary at any time, by written request to the plan administrator.
  • Incontestability  The validity of any amount of insurance which has been in force for two years during the insured's life will not be contested except for non-payment of premium.
  • Certificate of Insurance  The information provided here is only a brief description of the principle provisions and features of the plan. The complete terms and conditions are set forth in the certificate of insurance, under group policy GL-67182-7. A certificate will be sent to you upon approval of your application by the insurer. This group policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company to the Civil Service Employee Benefits Association on Policy Form LP00GP.
  • 30-Day Free LookWhen you receive your Certificate of Insurance, read it carefully. If you're not completely satisfied with the terms of your new insurance plan, and no claims have been submitted or paid, simply return your certificate within 30 days and any premium paid will be refunded. No questions asked.
    Voya Travel Assistance* – Voya Travel Assistance offers eligible Starr Wright USA insureds and their spouses four types of services when they are traveling more than 100 miles from home (domestically or internationally): Emergency Transportation Services, Medical Assistance Services, Emergency Personal Services, and Pre-Trip Information. Services are provided at no additional cost to you. Click here for details.
  • Funeral Planning** Starr Wright USA insureds have access to Funeral Planning & Concierge Services. These services provide an opportunity to discuss and obtain information from independent experts. These professionals can assist in funeral planning for insureds and eligible family members. Services are provided at no additional cost to you. Click here for details.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much coverage do I need? Starr Wright USA enables you to determine how much life insurance coverage you need by using this Life Insurance Needs Calculator.
  • When will my coverage become effective?  Insurance will take effect on the first day of the month on or following the date your coverage is approved by ReliaStar Life, provided the initial premium is paid within 31 days. 
  • When will my coverage end? The coverage does not terminate as long as you pay your insurance premiums when due and the group policy remains in force. Your coverage will remain level until you reach age 75. Thereafter, coverage reduces to 50% at age 75, and to 25% at age 80. At age 85 your coverage will reduce to $2,500. When your coverage reduces, it will never reduce below $2,500.
Additional Information

The Civil Service Employee Benefits Association (CSEBA) is the group policyholder of this insurance program. CSEBA makes available voluntary risk management products and services, other voluntary benefits, and educational services to current and former federal employees. Starr Wright USA acts as the program administrator for CSEBA.

Right to change benefits, rates or terminate the plan:
Changes to the group policy are subject to agreement between the group policyholder (CSEBA) and ReliaStar Life Insurance Company. CSEBA or ReliaStar Life may terminate the plan on any premium due date with advance notice. If the plan is terminated by CSEBA or ReliaStar Life, at least 30 days advance notice will be provided to the individual insured member(s). For level term coverage, the initial premium will not change for the level term period unless the insurance company exercises its right to change premium rates for all insureds covered under the group policy with 60 days advance written notice.

A death benefit will not be paid due to death as a result of suicide (while sane or insane) within 2 years of the date insurance or increase of insurance coverage starts. The Accelerated Life Benefit is subject to additional exclusions.

Plan Administrator:
Starr Wright USA
Plan Administrator
One Integrity Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44143-1500
P: 877-966-3690
F: 440-646-9339

*The initial premium will not change for the first 10 years unless the insurance company exercises its right to change premium rates for all insureds covered under the group policy with 60 days advance written notice.

**Voya Travel Assistance Services are provided by Europ Assistance USA, Bethesda, MD.

***Funeral Planning and Concierge Services provided by Everest Package, LLC, Houston, TX.

Important Notice


This is a summary of benefits only. A complete description of benefits, limitations, exclusions and termination of coverage will be provided in the certificate of coverage. All coverage is subject to the terms of the group policy. If there is any discrepancy between this document and the group policy documents, the policy documents will govern.

Group Term Life Insurance provided under the terms of a group life insurance policy, Group Policy GL-67182-7, issued and delivered in the District of Columbia to Civil Service Employee Benefits Association as the policyholder. The group policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN), a member of the Voya® family of companies. The policy is administered on behalf of ReliaStar Life Insurance Company by Starr Wright USA, an insurance agency licensed in the District of Columbia. Starr Wright USA is a marketing name for Starr Wright Insurance Agency, Inc. Policy form LP00GP. Product availability and provisions may vary by state.


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