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About Federal Employee Umbrella Liability Insurance

Liability issues are everywhere and you never know what could cause someone to hit you with a lawsuit. Often times a person’s liability insurance for their auto or home is simply not enough. Federal Employee Umbrella Liability Insurance can protect you from serious liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies.

As an extension of your auto or homeowners policy, Federal Employee Umbrella Liability Insurance kicks in when the liability coverage of your other auto and/or homeowners policies have been exhausted. At Starr Wright USA, our Federal Employee Umbrella Liability Insurance plans provide worldwide coverage for you and your family by paying claims that exceed the liability limits of your existing auto and/or homeowners policies. We have partnered with highly-rated carriers specializing in Umbrella Liability Insurance coverage to bring federal employees comprehensive, affordable policies.

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What is Umbrella Insurance?


The purpose of umbrella insurance is to provide you and your family with an additional layer of personal liability protection. It's a safety net, as it becomes active once you've exhausted your underlying policy, such as for your home and automobile. It's critical to note that umbrella insurance for federal employees or civilians does not supplement your initial plans — you must have and maintain those to qualify for umbrella insurance.

While every policy varies, our umbrella liability insurance for federal employees offers assistance for the following events:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury

The above fields are broad, encompassing everything from an automobile accident to structural home damage. That's why it's called umbrella insurance, as it casts a net of coverage across an expansive area, ensuring the protection of you and your family's assets in case of a lawsuit, which can include demands for reparation reaching the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.


Why do I need Umbrella Insurance?

The world, as well as your day-to-day life, is unpredictable. Insurance accounts for that, including umbrella insurance. If you have assets, such as a home, automobile, or significant savings, federal employee umbrella insurance is often a smart investment because it provides additional coverage in the event of a catastrophic lawsuit that exhausts your existing policies.

It's difficult to imagine a catastrophic lawsuit affecting you. It can happen fast, however. Imagine the following scenario — you're driving on the interstate and suddenly find traffic at a standstill, rear-ending the vehicle in front of you. Following the accident, the driver issues a lawsuit that claims the incident caused permanent bodily injury. They request more than $500,000 in damages. While that amount will exhaust your automobile insurance, you can trust your federal employee umbrella liability insurance to assist.

While umbrella insurance is optional, the annual rates and liability limits of our umbrella insurance for federal employees make it a sound investment.

Why buy from Starr Wright USA?

We incorporate several benefits into our umbrella liability insurance for federal employees, including:

A century of experience: The expertise of Starr Wright USA is unmatched. It extends across 10 decades, encompassing 100 years of familiarity with federal employee standards and needs. The fact that our leadership consists of former federal staff members and military veterans exemplifies our dedication to serving the government community with insurance tailored to your career's unique features.

A commitment to affordability: Our umbrella insurance for federal employees offers an affordable, cost-effective option for you and your family. Depending on your liability limit, which can range from $1 million to $5 million, your annual premium is $390 to $945, which includes taxes. If you commute to work every day, host parties often or provide services to others, that cost offers peace of mind.

A dedication to quality service: We provide you and your family with unmatched customer experiences. Our representatives are knowledgeable, making all your interactions with the Starr Wright USA team hassle-free and seamless. We also maintain live answering, ensuring that you receive a response fast.

As we remove the process of purchasing insurance through an intermediary, our umbrella insurance for federal employees also offers better value.

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Benefit Highlights


Our federal employee umbrella insurance policy provides several advantages, including:

  • Coverage is applicable worldwide - for suits brought within and outside the United States (except in sanctioned or embargoed countries).
  • Defense coverage for covered claims and lawsuits even if they're groundless or fraudulent. The amounts paid for defense expenses will not reduce the limits of insurance.
  • Broad definition of an "Insured" under the policy, including domestic partners and children at home but away at school or in military service on the date of a loss.
  • Our plan provides broad Umbrella Liability Insurance coverage with Defense Costs in addition to the Policy Limits. Our federal employee umbrella insurance plans offer an optional Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists (UM/UIM) coverage of $1 million above the minimum required underlying insurance for UM/UIM. Uninsured Motorists Coverage (UM) provides you and all covered persons with bodily injury protection if injured in an accident with a driver who has no liability insurance or has failed to post a bond, and who is legally liable for your damages. The coverage also provides protection if you are injured as a result of a hit-and-run accident. Underinsured Motorists Coverage (UIM) provides you and all covered persons with bodily injury protection if injured in an accident with a driver who has liability insurance with limits lower than the full amount needed to fully compensate you for your damages and who is legally liable for damages. In this case, your Underinsured Motorists Coverage would pay for damages, to which you are legally entitled after the other driver's liability limits are exhausted.
  • Coverage for driving non-owned vehicles when the underlying insurance covers and for 30 days maximum if the underlying insurance doesn't apply.
  • Coverage for another driver driving your car as long as they have your permission and there is no exclusion/limitation on the underlying policy.
  • Coverage for injury to domestic employees as long as the underlying insurance policy applies.
  • Coverage for Directors & Officers of any not-for-profit organization as long as the underlying insurance policy applies.


Start Now With Federal Employee Umbrella Insurance

At Starr Wright USA, our history goes back decades, encompassing more than 50 years of service to federal employees by former federal staff. With our firsthand understanding of your needs, as well as the endorsement of several federal employee organizations, such as the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and Association of Federal Narcotics Agents (AFNA), we're your family's trusted provider for federal employee umbrella insurance.

Questions about our Umbrella Policies?

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, or you can call us at 1.800.424.9801 for more information.
Why do I need an Umbrella Liability policy? What's the benefit?
Most people believe Umbrella Liability Insurance is necessary only if you are wealthy and/or lead a "wild" lifestyle. However, accidents do happen. No matter how cautious you are, you could be sued because you injure someone or damage someone's property. Umbrella Liability Insurance protects your assets if you (or a household member) injure another person or damage someone's property. It's designed to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit by providing expanded coverage and supplementing the basic liability coverage provided by your homeowners/renters and auto insurance policies. This protection is designed to "kick-in" when the liability coverage on your other policies has been exhausted.
If I'm insured under a Professional Liability policy, do I still need this plan?
Your Professional Liability policy covers only allegations, lawsuits, and judgments for acts, errors, or omissions within the scope of your employment. The Starr Wright USA Umbrella Liability Insurance plan covers you and every member of your household against personal liability such as injuries or property damage for which you or they may be responsible.
How much Umbrella Liability Insurance protection do I need?

It really depends on your assets and budget. Some experts suggest carrying at least enough Umbrella Liability Insurance coverage to protect your total net worth. If you're particularly successful or highly visible in your community, you may want to increase your coverage to the market value of your major assets, such as your home and investment portfolio, because you are more likely to be a target of a lawsuit and more likely to be hit with higher damage awards.

You probably need more Umbrella Liability Insurance than you think. A lot of factors determine the amount of coverage you need. Your financial status, lifestyle, and existing coverage are all relevant, but in liability lawsuits, judgments can, and often do, exceed net worth. For example, standard homeowner policies usually provide $100,000 to $300,000 worth of liability coverage, but in today's society, it's not unusual to hear of $2 million, $10 million, and even $20 million liability judgments. If someone gets injured in your home, or if you cause a serious accident, you could be hit with such a judgment. Without an Umbrella Liability policy like Starr Wright USA offers, a large judgment against you could cost you all the assets you have now, as well as possible future earnings and inheritances.

Do I still need my automobile and homeowner policies?
Yes. Umbrella Liability Insurance is a supplement not a substitute for these policies. Since Umbrella Liability supplements your primary coverage, you must have personal liability insurance as is usually provided in homeowners, renters, or condominium liability policies. You will also need to maintain the required limits of primary insurance for autos, watercraft, or recreational vehicles you or your household members have.
Claim Examples

Automobile Accident – The insured crashed into the rear of a car on a slick highway. A woman and a child were critically injured. After two years of litigation, the insured settled the lawsuit for over $1 million. The insured had $3 million in umbrella coverage. The policy paid for the settlement and all legal costs.

Internet Blogger – The insured’s daughter hated math class and her teacher. The daughter made several “disparaging” remarks about her teacher online. The teacher sued the girl’s parents for personal injury and was awarded $750,000.

Faulty Furnace – The insured’s tenant claims she became sick from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from a faulty furnace. The tenant claimed permanent brain damage and received a $750,000 settlement.

Coaching Circumstances – A female teenager destined for greatness as a softball player filed a $700,000 lawsuit against her former coach, alleging his “incorrect” teaching style ruined her chances for an athletic scholarship.

Falling Concrete – A hillside on the insured’s property was covered in concrete to prevent erosion prior to the insured’s purchase of the property. About 5 cubic feet of concrete fell into the neighboring property, knocking the claimant’s home from its foundation. Paintball Misfortune – The insured permitted several of her children and their friends to play paintball in her backyard. The children had played paintball previously and were advised of all safety rules including wearing headgear at all times. A player removed her headgear and was leaving the field. She was hit in the eye resulting in a $475,000 settlement.

Beach Explosion – The insureds hosted a beach party for their daughter. One party-goer found what he thought was an empty, discarded propane tank. He threw the tank into a beach bonfire and it subsequently exploded severely injuring several guests. A $20,000,000 claim was filed alleging the insureds failed to properly supervise the party.


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