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Worry less. Enjoy more. The fact is, travel insurance can be the most important purchase you hope to never use. You cannot predict falling seriously ill or being injured during a trip, but you can prepare for it. We’re here to provide you with financial and assistance support for when the unimaginable – but not impossible – strikes.

With the right federal travel insurance, you can be covered for more than just those dire circumstances, too. Protect your hard-earned vacation with travel insurance for federal employees from Starr Wright USA's sister company, Starr Assist Travel Insurance and Assistance.

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Why do I need Travel Insurance?

We plan our vacations down to the last detail, from where we're staying to where we're eating. It's a vacation, so why plan for anything that would sideline those arrangements? The fact is that accidents, illnesses, and disasters can happen. While it may be easy to accept a cancellation for your weekend getaway, saying goodbye to a two-week international vacation is difficult from both a financial and emotional perspective.

That's why travel insurance plans for federal employees, as well as private sector staff, are becoming more of a necessity for trip planning.

As an example, consider the following scenario: You and your family are traveling to an island getaway with plans for swimming with stingrays, parasailing and more. While parasailing, however, you become injured and need immediate medical attention. Due to your location, you require evacuation to a nearby island. That can cost up to $100,000 or more. But with our travel insurance for federal employees, you're covered and can focus on recovering, rather than stressing about the expense.

With travel insurance, you and your family receive peace of mind. The price of federal travel insurance also supports your family's vacation budget, as it accounts for only 5.5 percent of total trip expenses, on average. For what our federal government travel insurance plans offer, it's often a smart investment to purchase travel insurance, especially for international trips.


Why buy from Starr Wright USA?

As a leading provider of travel insurance plans for federal employees, we offer several advantages, including:

Experience: We have more than a century of experience, and the programs delivered by Starr Assist Travel Insurance use our extensive expertise as a foundation. As many of our staff, as well as core leadership, consist of former federal employees and military veterans, we also work to ensure that our federal employee travel insurance plans offer the coverage you and your family need.

Comprehensive: With Starr Assist Travel Insurance, we assist you through every phase of your vacation — both before and during your trip. Whether you're interested in assistance in obtaining your passport and required immunizations, accessing medical providers or choosing restaurants and making reservations, our federal travel insurance offers you comprehensive coverage.

Supportive: We deliver the benefits of our federal government travel insurance via our knowledgeable customer support team. With their experience, as well as familiarity with favorite countries to visit, they can help you and your family plan a fun-filled vacation that's hassle-free, plus ensure you meet that country's requests for visitors.

With our robust series of benefits, as well as travel insurance plans for federal employees, Starr Wright USA is today's trusted federal insurance provider.

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Benefit Examples

The following examples are a few of the benefits you may be eligible to receive after purchasing federal travel insurance:

  • If your baggage is lost or delayed en route to your destination or home, we’ll help you find or replace it, courtesy of your insurance's trip services.
  • If you are injured in a rental car collision navigating tricky roads abroad, our Rental Car Collision coverage, included in our travel insurance for federal employees, will cover it.
  • If you or your spouse goes into labor and you need to cancel your trip, we’ll refund it via your federal employee travel insurance.
  • If a family member passes away while you’re abroad and you need to return home early, we’ll refund your unused, nonrefundable costs – including hotels, entertainment, and flights — making your federal government travel insurance plan well worth the investment.
  • If inclement weather strikes and you are unable to begin or continue your travel, we’ll refund your trip or help you get home.
  • If a medical emergency occurs in a remote area and you need advice, in English, to find the closest, best hospital for your needs, we’re standing by.
  • If you lose your wallet and passport abroad, we’ll help you replace your wallet and passport and obtain emergency cash — all as part of your federal government travel insurance.

We know that when you’re relaxing on vacation, you don’t have time to worry about your health or belongings in emergency situations. That’s what travel insurance is for.

Start Your Trip With Federal Employee Travel Insurance

At Starr Wright USA, we've provided federal employees with insurance for more than 100 years. As a provider of federal travel insurance, our team's led by former government staff and military veterans that understand the nuances of a government career, plus what you're looking for in an insurance plan and provider. Combined with our responsive service, we've become a trusted name for the best federal government travel insurance plans.

Start your application for federal employee travel insurance online today, or contact our knowledgeable team for more information.


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